Monday, September 26, 2011

As it happens...

Lot's in my life has been replaced, and hard work, diligence and exercise are required to get things going again.

My iPad broke when it skipped between our fingers during a pass. Who knew that the GPS, sound and ringer functions could take such a hit!

The return path included serenity, perseverance, the abandonment of a systemic logic, patience...two store visits, two UPS store visits, three hours of telephone customer service, and innumerable software and app magic.

One step at a time, I'm tapping.

My right knee joint, that's from me looking down not you looking at me, is gone. A marvel of metal, cement and plastic is in its place. Now the hard part.

During these twelve days I've opened my confused stubborn mind a crack now and then, allowing chance, luck, serendipity, fortune, spirit and power to swish around, Magic follows. Magic and awe and calming breaths claim bigger territories. New lives await.

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