Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New year's, already?

How's it goin' for ya?

I have had just the best time of things lately!

I've found a recipe for persimmon cookies that is so good it was amazing that I didn't eat the entire first batch. Took a while but I did manage to ice them, too. And fruitcake cookies. And some totally healthy little coconut devils. And Shauna's white chocolate cranberry honeys....

Oh, and I finally made a pumpkin pie that set! Ummmm, lots of cloves.... And whipped cream. I still can't beat Pullsbury for a crust but I'll keep at it.

Now, I do have some photos of all this, and next time they'll be here too.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank you!

Well, now I've done it.  Everything is on a different device, and the devices don't communicate.

A little like my life:  try as I might, the thoughts that emerge from my brain never make it into words which my husband, my family, my you-name-it...umderstand as my intention.

So, here I am, sitting at the computer, not the iPad, and I thought I'd try again to do that simple thing:  add a photo.

The photos from Thanksgiving won't be here...unless that iCloud is shining...cuz my Blackberry was full and so the only photos are there...sort of.


Relatives visiting
 Ok, so...I got one.  This is not one of the photos I hoped to find, but that's another story.

And, omg, is it ever slow loading on my poor netbook wifi connection!

At any rate, here, finally is a photo.  Something which every other blogger had nailed but as I said the first time, I'm late.

Well here I am.

By the way, I have a nice story.  Since my alarm just went off it's time for me to make good on my promise to go to the gym.  My new knee needs work!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where did it go?

Well, well, well.

November 12, Ben and I have been married seven years five months four hours three minutes. That I can remember, but where did those last three weeks of my life go? Oh yes, Mom time.

Surprise attacks on my planned "free time" for moving into MY AGE.

Yes, most of my friends have crossed the threshold of "taking care of elderly parents," and it is time for me to join them. Advanced directives, assisted living, driving privileges. Between three of us, my sister and brother have muddled through but life is changing.

There will be more of that end soon in our plans.

However, let's talk PINK!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fight like a girl!

Click, click, click.  That's how my right leg feels when I move my new  knee through the swollen leg.  Lucky for me, I'm following a well-tread path of recovery.  There's a page on Facebook!  Going well, thanks.

The real question is:  Are you Pink enough? 

The Wellness Community (now Cancer Support Community) has been a source of strength these last years.  Weekly I get together with a group of cancer fighters and cancer survivors.  We talk about treatments, healthy living, fairness. My friends appreciate that I am alive, that I look well.  

We practice Fighting like Girls!  Never give up, be strong, just ask...

Bring in the Pink ...  the Pink Boat and the Pink Boat Regatta this Sunday.

 "Darwind" is the Pink Boat, and Thomas plans to sail around the world singlehanded to bring the story of breast cancer in the news.  He's pretty cool:  This summer's singlehanded 400 mile race was too brutal for most of the racers, but not Thomas.  He slogged it out and finished, one of only 4 to do so.

Thomas created the Pink Boat Regatta right here in San Francisco Bay to get the party started. Raise money for Breast Cancer Research and let people know about Darwind's sail.

This Sunday, Ben will be sailing in the Regatta with our friends from Island Yacht Club and my pals from the Cancer Support Center.  Kristen will skipper and Janet will oversee it all.  I'll be onshore.

YOU can be part of the Regatta, because the whole point is to raise money and you can go online and help.

Go to, and look for the "buy a buoy" page.  (The regatta consists of Georgia sailing around buoys.  Please help buy a buoy for GEORGIA...any amount which fits for you.

Please Donate to Georgia in the Pink Boat Regatta

 If you can, visit the Deck  on Sunday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Twist and Shout (knew knee knoise)


They must all be true, the stories of TKR. I am a believer, that's for sure.

One week ago I was, at last, wheeled home...for the next 36 hours. Today I wrestle with stubborn, demanding, surgical leg.

I could go on and on and on and on, and will, if you ask. But I prefer to thank the many friends who have gone before.

And breathe in the aura of thanks I have surrounding this adventure.

Next on my learning curve: just how do I move a photo onto this blog?


Monday, September 26, 2011

As it happens...

Lot's in my life has been replaced, and hard work, diligence and exercise are required to get things going again.

My iPad broke when it skipped between our fingers during a pass. Who knew that the GPS, sound and ringer functions could take such a hit!

The return path included serenity, perseverance, the abandonment of a systemic logic, patience...two store visits, two UPS store visits, three hours of telephone customer service, and innumerable software and app magic.

One step at a time, I'm tapping.

My right knee joint, that's from me looking down not you looking at me, is gone. A marvel of metal, cement and plastic is in its place. Now the hard part.

During these twelve days I've opened my confused stubborn mind a crack now and then, allowing chance, luck, serendipity, fortune, spirit and power to swish around, Magic follows. Magic and awe and calming breaths claim bigger territories. New lives await.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Under the Bridges

I'm home.

Somehow, getting Georgia under the bridges and tied up at the dock in Benicia changes everything.

Back to routine, for one thing.

It's Tuesday tomorrow, so I'll be in my group in Walnut Creek. Oh, but now there is so much that isn't routine:
How will I get to Walnut Creek? How long will it take me? Will there be time to fill after Ben and the
boat leave? How will I get home from Walnut Creek?

Back to responsible me, for another.

Mail, laundry, gym, keep in touch, groceries, dishes, driving. Oh, this is different too: Tuesday,
Wednesday good-byes to a group I've outgrown, Thursday my bellybutton day is special to me,
Friday! Last weekend on the old knee!

Future, plans, expectations. Mind whirling. Body anxious, already, and I am just 12 hours past those bridges.

Benicia is familiar like Petaluma. I've been "here" before. The tea shop, the grocery, the shower. I know
where stuff that I like is here. Many memories in each step. Dancing for hours because a friend's
son convinced the six of us it was too early to call it a night. Missing the dock, line in hand, on a hot day.
Stuck with two very young kids all the way on the farthest dock.

It's often a getaway, far enough from home. Not right now. It's home, just a few more hours of adventure.

And yet, everything has changed too. A large part of my heart is full of Howdy Stranger and Where Will That
Path Lead Us and Yes.

I like this feeling.