Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fight like a girl!

Click, click, click.  That's how my right leg feels when I move my new  knee through the swollen leg.  Lucky for me, I'm following a well-tread path of recovery.  There's a page on Facebook!  Going well, thanks.

The real question is:  Are you Pink enough? 

The Wellness Community (now Cancer Support Community) has been a source of strength these last years.  Weekly I get together with a group of cancer fighters and cancer survivors.  We talk about treatments, healthy living, fairness. My friends appreciate that I am alive, that I look well.  

We practice Fighting like Girls!  Never give up, be strong, just ask...

Bring in the Pink ...  the Pink Boat and the Pink Boat Regatta this Sunday.

 "Darwind" is the Pink Boat, and Thomas plans to sail around the world singlehanded to bring the story of breast cancer in the news.  He's pretty cool:  This summer's singlehanded 400 mile race was too brutal for most of the racers, but not Thomas.  He slogged it out and finished, one of only 4 to do so.

Thomas created the Pink Boat Regatta right here in San Francisco Bay to get the party started. Raise money for Breast Cancer Research and let people know about Darwind's sail.

This Sunday, Ben will be sailing in the Regatta with our friends from Island Yacht Club and my pals from the Cancer Support Center.  Kristen will skipper and Janet will oversee it all.  I'll be onshore.

YOU can be part of the Regatta, because the whole point is to raise money and you can go online and help.

Go to www.thepinkboatregatta.org, and look for the "buy a buoy" page.  (The regatta consists of Georgia sailing around buoys.  Please help buy a buoy for GEORGIA...any amount which fits for you.

Please Donate to Georgia in the Pink Boat Regatta

 If you can, visit the Deck  on Sunday!

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