Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Day

I'm resting.

Last week, Mr Wonderful and I took our first cruise in a long, long time: three pretty great days in Petaluma. Got the haircut, hosted our friends for dinner on our boat (tested the barbecue), saw a movie at the local cinema. With the exception of returning a little late for a meeting, the whole trip went off pretty well.

Not so much this trip, really not so much today!

We wanted to spend as much time as possible until my knee joint replacement "up river" in the Delta. We hoped to join our club on its River Rats RRR Cruise.

And, we have, with little tweaks here and there.

We started late: too late to leave when they did last Friday 0700.

New provisioning was required. That took time. A list of items I wished I'd had in Petaluma had to be checked off. I had to pack. A ten day trip takes a lot more packing time than a three day one....

And then friends were at China Camp - on the way, really.

So we went to China Camp and enjoyed a visit Saturday, and left in time to join a race on our way up river. We turned in a day late to the RRR destination and happily caught up Sunday...with a berth in the Marina.

Ahhhhh! Cruising!

Today is a big day. Not only is our destination a place with shallow spots, but a baby is due!

I am so ready....and joyful.....and present.

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