Saturday, August 27, 2011


As promised, I hunted around this very simple "create a blog" site today and I think the reading type is larger. Not big enough, but I'm gonna wait and see.

I woke up with words from an unread-until yesterday wellness newsletter I get in my email...which means my phone...about ear wax build up haunting me.

I did not know that ears were self-cleaning. The things I'm learning now that I have a few decades under my pillow.

Pretty interesting. The article was about a method involving vacuum theory and heat and was not necessarily safe. It goes on to recommend mineral oil for an extreme cleaning challenge.

Now, getting impacted, hard ear wax out of my dainty ears is on my mind because I have had the sorry experience of having two doctors observe the problem just this week as I fight my first post-transplant cold. I bought stuff at the pharmacy and everything: earaches are no more fun as an adult as they seemed to be for my son during his toddler years.

And I'd been doing such a good job with my cotton swabs, too. Gently twisting, never digging, just as I understood the way to do it. WRONG!

The swab was likely the weapon of wax impaction, not destruction. Or so the newsletter claims.

Hmmm. Back to my mineral oil.

See for yourself. I think the link will post too, but I'll find out later. You can google Berkeley Wellness Alert for yourself.

Time for a nap!

By the way, I'm sharing this as though you found it yourself. I'm not promoting it as true or any of the legal things where you might understand me to be liable for anything. Just thought it was interesting, certainly is personal!

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