Sunday, August 28, 2011


Oh, the worlds awaiting my fingertips!

Today I wanted to list blogs I follow, and change my profile photo. Not to much to figure out, seemed like these elements are on many blogs and web pages. Such a great feeling, to accomplish something new, too.

Along the way to a profile photo, I confirmed that I have many multiples of many photos on my notebook, but that nice viewer I had in Hawaii last year, the one which let me see the image in a thumbnail while I merely hold the cursor over the file is truly gone.

I also learned that if I've added an image to my Kodak viewer, I'd better not change the image name in my library. Don't even mention the variety of folders where the images are lost.

Yes, it does sound like gibberish to me, too. More work ahead. Very nice to have that vacation wrecker of a flu a few weeks back, as well: I'd recently seen prints of the images as I put them into two albums.

Listing some of the blogs and pages I follow was a similarly winding path.

I opened Bakerella (to copy the URL), and immediately added "make a cake" to my wanna list when the oven got hot on my test "on." I save myself a lot of calories because the oven rarely gets hot.

Waiting, I opened the Contest Lady page and subscribed to her blog. This degenerated into email cleaning, and, lovely, a post from 101 Cookbooks. Oh, look at her links to her visiting friends. Golly, he has some beautiful photos, amazing. Her page, with the "swipe," neat. She could not take those with a phone...

See how this goes? Around the world in fashion, food and photos. Just my fingers following along, curious.

The buttercream frosting, always far out of my reach, was found in Epicurious, it's Amy Sedaris'. The reviewers thought it too sweet, seriously?

Those links I wanted to share with you are on my full profile. The gadget eluded me.

Got a lot done today!

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